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Superior Roof Replacement in St. Louis, MO

If you’re considering hiring a roof replacement service in St. Louis, MO, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, you must understand the signs of roof replacement. However, experienced roofing contractors are needed to inspect your St. Louis property before any decision.


At IES Construction, we have years of experience as roofing contractors in St. Louis. We provide our clients the best possible service. 

Replace Your Roof In These Situations

  • If your energy bills have increased, it’s a sure sign that your roof isn’t performing as well as it should be. However, we’ll save you money by replacing your roof with a new one that will care about your wallet.
  • If your roof is more than 20 years old it will ask for help. When roofs are nearing the end of their life, it’s time to take the phone and call us to replace it.
  • If you notice that your shingles are getting damaged, it’s important to have them repaired as soon as possible. Luckily, we have emergency services all day, every day. We’re here to help you when you need us the most.
  • If your gutters are overflowing, it’s a sign that your roof isn’t draining correctly. This can lead to serious problems, so it’s important to have your roof checked out by our trained professionals to solve your issue.
  • Shingles falling off of your roof mean bad news. However, we love a good challenge. Consequently, we’ll handle it for you.


Best Roofing Replacement Services

Please don’t put off replacing your roof until it’s too late. IES Construction is the leading provider of superior roof replacement services in St. Louis, MO. Don’t waste time typing on google “roofing companies near me” to find nothing worthy of your attention. We’ll help you choose the best solution for your home or business.


We understand the importance of providing our customers with top-notch service. Consequently, we offer a wide range of roofing services to meet your needs. You can rest assured your property will be in good hands with us. From commercial to residential roofing, we have you covered.