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Slate Roofing

St. Louis Slate Roofing Services

Keeping your slate roof in top shape.

The roof is the crowning glory of any building, pulling the design together in terms of function and aesthetics. But since you are in the St. Louis area, you know your roof takes a beating. From hail and high winds to snow and ice, St. Louis buildings experience it all—sometimes in a single day. Luckily, you have IES Construction & Roofing to turn to for your slate roofing needs.

Common Slate Roof Problems

Slate roofs are among the most durable on the market, whether they are 100% natural or composite. Despite this, they do run into problems from time to time. Some common issues to encounter with slate roofs include:

  • Heavy Weight: Slate roofs can weigh as much as 800 pounds per square foot, which places significant stress on the supporting structures.
  • Complex Installation: If you are looking to switch to a slate roof or add one to your new construction, understand that the installation process is complex and often lengthy.
  • Difficulty Matching: If you have natural slate tiles, it can be difficult to replace them when they become damaged, as finding a color and pattern match can be all but impossible.
  • Fragility: Slate tiles are considered highly durable against the elements, but when it comes to people working on the roof, they are very fragile.
  • Limited Installers: Because they are more expensive than most other types of roofing, slate roofs aren’t in high demand, and many installers have no experience with them.

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Why Choose IES Construction & Roofing?

Given the extreme weather conditions St. Louis is known for, there is no shortage of roofing companies you can work with. So why should IES Construction & Roofing be your top choice?

  • Our technicians are experienced at working with slate roofs
  • We offer both regular and emergency services.
  • We strictly hire trained, certified, and licensed roofing technicians.
  • As an STL company, we take personal pride in the quality of our work.
  • Every job is approached with the goal of maximizing the lifespan of your roof while minimizing the downtime you experience.

About Our St. Louis Slate Roofing Service

We understand how stressful having your slate roof worked on can be. Our goal is to minimize the pressure you feel. All you need to do is schedule your service, go over our suggestions after inspection, and give us your approval. Our technicians handle everything else.

We arrive on-site with the tools and materials needed to get the job done. Our team works quickly but carefully, causing minimal disruption to your life without sacrificing the quality of work. When done, we fully clean up the job site, leaving your property cleaner than we found it. Before we leave, we go over all the paperwork for your guarantee. At every stage of the job, we are guided by our commitment to professionalism and excellence.

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Whether you need slate roofing repair, replacement, or maintenance, IES Construction & Roofing is here for you. To get a quote or schedule service, call us at 314-455-7846 or use our fast and easy online scheduler.