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Can Roofing Be Done During Winter

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Can Roofing Be Done During Winter

Roofing is an outdoor job that comes with the danger of falling off ladders or getting injured by sharp or hard objects. Many roofing companies in St. Louis can work on your roof at any time of the year. They know what precautions to take during winter works.

Winter can affect roofing, especially because it is a construction job that involves working on top of the house. In addition to cold weather causing numbness, winter roofers have to be careful of slippery surfaces and ice formation from melting snow.

When Is Roofing Season?

Roof work can be done at any time of the year, but some roofing companies prefer to schedule repairs in the spring and autumn when they won’t have to deal with snow and ice on roofs. However, roofing during winter should not be avoided.

As temperatures drop in St. Louis, snow and ice accumulations can damage the roof. The weight of snow and ice can cause roofs to cave in or collapse. If strong winds are present, snow can drift onto dangerous places where workers have limited access.

Precautions for Roofing During Winter

If you plan to perform roof repairs or maintenance during the winter, here are the precautions you can take.

Clear snow before climbing the roof: Ensure the gutters are clear of fallen snow because it can cause leaks and damaged shingles. Use a roof rake to remove packed down the snow to make it safe to climb the roof.

Be aware of slippery roofs: The freezing temperatures cause roofs to become extremely slick. Snow and ice melt during the day but refreezes at night, forming an icy sheet that can cause anyone who walks on it to slip. This is more dangerous if the person is holding tools or standing on a roof.

Keep an electrical storm away: Before climbing the roof, make sure no electricity flows through it. 

Use roof boots to walk on the roof: Roof boots are rubber mats with suction cups to attach them securely to roofs. They help prevent slipping and falling off the roof if ice is present.

Roofer Dangers During Winter

Since roofing is outdoor work, you should be cautious about roofing during winter. Bad weather such as storms or temperatures below freezing can cause small issues to turn into major ones.

Snow and ice can make it more dangerous to work on the roof. Roofers should wear a safety harness when working on a roof during winter because falls are a very real threat.

Leave to The Professionals

If you have wondered, “is there any roofing company near me?” then you will be glad to know that IES Construction & Roofing offers its services in St. Louis and surrounding areas.

At IES Construction & Roofing, we know how to work on highs quickly and safely. If you need to replace shingles or repair a flat roof during winter, we can be at your home within 24 hours to help. We’ll provide you with a high-quality job and great customer service. Our team will work on your roof as if it were theirs.

So instead of thinking about whether or not it’s a good idea to hire roofing companies during winter, contact us at IES Construction & Roofing today!


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