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5 Tips To Keep Your Roof in Top Shape

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5 Tips To Keep Your Roof in Top Shape

The roof is one of the most important components of your home. This is because it protects you from weather, among other things. Since the roof works as a shield for outdoor elements, we should ensure its proper functioning.

Keep reading to learn more about how to keep your roof in top shape.

Increase Your Roof’s Lifespan with Regular Inspect

Roofing companies in St. Louis recommend inspecting roofs at least once a year. This will help you identify potential problems before they escalate into bigger issues. Regular checks also help you ensure that your roof is properly ventilated and insulated, two important components of high-quality roofs.

1. Ensure That the Roof Is Properly Ventilated 

Ventilation helps neutralize moisture and reduce heat buildup, thus reducing the rate at which your roof deteriorates. Ventilation also helps remove carbon dioxide and other bad stuff that collects during combustion. 

Residential roofing ventilation is especially critical in spaces such as attics and roof decks where you don’t want to leave any opportunity for moisture development. Ensure your roof has proper ventilation so that it can last longer.

2. Out Your Gutters

Gutters help divert water away from your roof. They are critical in ensuring that your roof doesn’t wear out prematurely due to pressure exerted by water. Ensure that your gutters are strong enough not to break or warp. You also need them to be able to carry the right amount of water. If you cannot do the necessary repairs, you can always contact a roofing company to assist you.

3. Protect Your Roof from Heat with Proper Insulation

Insulation reduces the rate at which heat affects your roof. While ventilation helps remove the water, insulation is what keeps the moisture out of your roof. Remember that insulation performs better when paired with proper ventilation, so keep them together.

4. Keep Your Roof Clean

Your roof needs to be clean to last longer. Give it a thorough cleaning at least once every year by doing it yourself or hiring professional cleaners if you don’t have the experience.

5. Replace Your Roof If There Are Signs of Damage

Often, serious damage can be difficult to spot. But some damage signs should push you to act quickly. Hire roofing companies in St. Louis, MO, for an effective replacement or repair job on your roof if you notice any of the following:

-Tiles are cracked or separated.

-Your roof is giving off a musty odor.

-Stains are present in some parts of the house. If there are stains, you possibly have leaks somewhere that need your attention immediately.

Is There Any Roofing Company Near Me?

Yes! IES Construction & Roofing offers commercial and residential roofing services in St. Louis and surrounding areas.

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We’re proud to serve the people of St. Louis and surrounding areas, offering trustworthy roofing services for their properties. The quality of our work has allowed us to build a strong reputation for being one of the premier roofing services in the area.

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